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London, the illustrious home to creative and innovative entrepreneurs, heavyweights in the tech space, media behemoths and a highly skilled workforce. 

Or is it? 

This is all hush-hush, but the capital has witnessed an Exodus in recent years. Young professionals and start-ups have relocated to less expensive regions of the UK.

Although London is a hotspot for pulling in revenue, the cost of renting or buying office space is pricing business start-ups and SMEs out of the city.

The average cost to rent office space in London is a budget-busting £50+ per square metre. 

However, statistics also show that people look favourably at businesses based in London. The fact that the government published a 64-page report detailing the “global importance” of the capital says it all. The report notes:

“London holds a significant market share in most of the key internationally traded financial services and is home to the world’s international bond market and the London insurance market.”

Let’s make no bones about this: London is highly investable.

As a matter a fact, London and Partners report that tech firms in the English capital received more funding from Venture Capital firms than Paris, Berlin and Stockholm combined.

Can a virtual office in London boost your business? 

Just to make it clear, a virtual office in London may not be the best strategy for every business.

On the other hand, if you’re a company that needs to attract investors, partners and lucrative contracts, advertising a premium London address on your website, legal documents, letterheads and emails projects a positive image of your business.

With a virtual office in central London, you have the privilege of showcasing a prestigious address in Oxford Circus – a W1 postcode.

Because the cost of running a business in London is so high, an address in W1 is synonymous with success. Only the best companies are successful – so a business address in central London plays into the trust factor that is so important for today’s businesses.

Cut Business Costs and Boost Profits

Virtual offices in London not only provide you with a prestigious address. We also run a mail handling service and telephone answering service. You basically get your own hotline.

We direct calls directly to your mobile or a dedicated hotline. We can also scan and send your post to your smartphone so you can send and receive mail from a remote location – anywhere in the world. 

When you rent a virtual office in London with us you essentially have access to a fully-functioning office with no heavy overheads associated with running a London-based business. 

With all the cost-saving you can reinvest money into other areas of your business and grow your revenue by taking advantage of the magical draw London has on investors.

Renting a virtual office in London is the smart way for start-ups and small businesses to cut the running costs of your business whilst taking advantage of all the facilities you need to boost your revenue. 

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