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Rent a UK Mailbox Address in London

A personal UK mailbox address is ideal for people that need a UK mailing address which is private and secure. The type of customers that typically benefit from a mailbox rental is digital nomads, ex-pats and tenants living in - shared accommodation.

If you're looking for an affordable UK PO Box, LowCost Letterbox is the best choice. We have been providing secure private mailbox rental services in London for over ten years - and our low-cost fees represent excellent value for money! 

UK PO Mailbox Services London


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Rent a UK Mailbox Address in London

Personal Mailbox Service for Students, Lodgers and People Moving Abroad

Our personal mailbox rental service is the preferred choice for students, people living in shared accommodation and individuals that are overseas but require a postal address to receive correspondence of a sensitive nature - such as banks, pension funds, investments and HMRC.

Renting a mailbox in the UK protects you against financial fraud and identity theft. The consummate professionals at LowCost LetterBox take care of all your post and packages delivered to your private mailbox rental address and . let you know by email when we receive them - so you can have peace of mind that your mail is in safe hands.

Plans and Pricing

Choose a London address that suits your business or personality and convenience, then select a plan from personal collection to mail scanning and forwarding.


Get More From Your Personal Mailbox Rental

LowCost LetterBox offers a wide range of supporting services for you to utilise and get the most out of your UK mailbox. Our scanning and forwarding service ensures you receive your post on the same day it arrives. Our professional team will scan your mail and save it to our secure servers where it is available for you to access remotely on a mobile device or computer.

receive your post on the same day it arrives
Personal UK PO Mailbox Rental

A Personal UK PO Mailbox Rental - Just Like Your Home Address

The personal UK PO box address we offer is not a standard UK PO Box with a number you rent from a post office. We provide a physical address in London that looks like a home address.

Our mailbox address is accepted by government agencies, banks and all major couriers. A UK mailbox with LowCost LetterBox is the most cost-effective solution for digital nomads and ex-pats that still pay taxes in the UK or want a physical address to promote their business.

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