A registered office in the centre of London can project a positive image for your business. Recognised as one of the leading economic and commercial hubs in the world, London addresses are highly regarded all over the world and much sought-after by business owners.

Our office in London's Oxford Circus provides you with a premium address that can really boost the professional image of your business. You can also use this address as a director’s service address at no extra cost - and by doing so maintain the privacy of your private residence.



You can be forgiven for thinking a registered office in London’s West End would be expensive. With some firms it is. The same is not true of LowCost LetterBox.

We understand that business owners need to keep overheads as low as possible so you can invest your capital in other areas of your business. Yet start-ups and small business owners working from home may need an office address to give your business a professional image.


If you also need us to register your company with Companies House on your behalf, we also offer a professional company formation service and send you the official documents on the same day.

Your documents will be scanned to our secure server so you can download them from anywhere in the world.

When you register a limited company in the UK, you are obligated to register your business name and address with the authorities, namely Companies House and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. The address you provide is made available to the public where anybody has access to it.

Using our office in Oxford Circus as your official registered office provides you with several benefits:

  • Your private residence is protected
  • The authorities have a contact address to which they can send important correspondence
  • You can receive all your official mail here and we will scan and forward it on to you anywhere in the world
  • A physical address in central London projects a positive image for your business

We offer a flexible service that can be tailored to your specific business needs. Not only that, but our professional and courteous staff is always on hand to provide you with the care and support you need. And all for a price you can afford.

Prestigious Address

With a company registered office in London’s West End, you can impress your customers from the outset. First impressions last. Only the most successful businesses can survive in London - and by registering your business at our address in Oxford Circus, you get all the benefits of having a prestigious address without the overwhelming burden of expense.

Genuinely Low Prices - No Hidden Charges

Our company registered office services start from as low as £1.85 per week. This gives you the right to use our address as your official registered office and publish it on your website, business cards, office stationery and anywhere else you want to display it.

We also lodge your registration with Companies House and HMRC and forward you the official documents electronically on the same day - at no additional cost. The price you see advertised is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees.

The only additional charge we request is if you want us to send the original documents by post. If you do, we charge you the price cost of postage.

Same-Day Scanning to Mobile

We appreciate you want to obtain the official correspondence from HMRC and Companies House as soon as possible so you can keep up with your legal duties as a director of a limited company. To enable you to do that, we send you the official correspondence to your mobile on the same day.

Once we receive the official letters from Companies House, HMRC and other government agencies, they are scanned to our secure server. We then inform you they are ready and you can access them from anywhere in the world.

Same-Day Company Formations

With our annual payment option, we can usually register your company with Companies House and send you the official documentation on the same day.

Providing you inform us of your company name and its directors before 13:00. We’ll even pay the £12 filing fee to Companies House on your behalf. The only time we cannot deliver this service is if Companies House has a backlog of work and do not return the official documents back to us on the same day.

Company Registration For UK and Non-UK Residents

You do not have to reside in London, or even in the UK to register your business with Companies House and use our London address as your official registered office.

That means there is no restriction where your directors live. Providing the authorities in the UK have a business address to which they can send important correspondence, business owners can live anywhere in the world and still own a registered UK business.

Not only that, but we allow you to register as many directors as you like under one company at no extra fee. This ensures you keep your private residence out of the public domain whilst still being able to receive business-related post.

Complete Trading Address

LowCost LetterBox not only provide you with a prestigious registered address, but we also have a fulfilment centre and fully-functioning office facilities through which we can manage post, packages, parcels and a telephone answering service under your business name.

If you rely on a courier service for your business to function, or you need meeting rooms and a virtual office, we can provide full end-to-end solutions.

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  • What is a registered office address?

    A registered office address is the official correspondence address of a company, incorporated in the UK. It’s also known as the registered office of a UK company. HMRCCompanies House and other UK Government offices will only use this address to communicate with the company. You do not have to trade from your registered office address. As long as you have access to your statutory mail sent to your registered office, you can trade from anywhere - your home, another office or even another country. If you have a website for your business, you are required by law to display the registered office address on your company website. At LowCost LetterBox, we ensure your official letters are received safely, scanned and made availavle to you online, the same day. We will even forward the originals by post to anywhere in the world.

  • What is Directors Service address?

    Similar to a company registered office address, when you set up a limited company in England & Wales, you must have a physical address for each director within England & Wales where HMRC and Companies House can contact them by post. This is known as directors service address. If you live in England & Wales, you can use your home address for this purpose. However, it is recommended that you use an address provided by a virtual office service provider such as ourselves and keep your home address private, as company directors details are published on Companies House registrers and widely available on internet to anyone.

  • Why do I need a Registered Office Address?

    If you’re setting up a limited company in the UK, it is a legal requirement that you have a registered office address within the UK for your business, so that official letters and notices from HMRC and Companies House can be served. When registering your business at Companies House, you will be required to provide two addresses; the company’s registered office address and the directors service address. Official letters are sent to both addresses. Your company registered office and directors service address will be freely available to anyone via online sources such as Companies House register, etc.

  • Where should my company's registered office be?

    Companies incorporated in England & Wales should have their registered office in England & Wales only. If your company has been formed in Scotland (SC) or Northern Ireland (NI), you are required to have your registered office in the same country as where they are registered. Our registered office address service in London can only be used with companies incorporated or to be formed in England & Wales.



    We can help you register your company in the UK no matter where you live in the world. Same-day registration and Director’s Service address available.

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    Business landline with professional receptionists to answer calls in your company name. Calls can also be redirected to your mobile or another landline.

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    Complete virtual office in London with prestigious business address, dedicated landline, meeting room and work space when you need it - all at low cost.

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    Clean meeting rooms conveniently located in London's Oxford Circus with unlimited refreshments and high-speed Wi-Fi for teleconferencing and webinars.

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