ID Requirements

Proof of ID, Address and Business Documents

We, as a mail forwarding and virtual office service provider in the UK, are required by law (Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (AML) and The London Local Authorities Act 2007) to ensure our clients submit appropriate proof of identity, address and business(if applicable) documents prior to using our address services.  

We require proof of ID, address and business documents for the following services:

We do not require proof of ID, address and business documents for the following services:

Who should submit proof of ID and address:

Who should submit business documents: (if already registered and/or trading)

How to submit documents:

Acceptable documents and format

All documents should either be in English or accompanied by an English translation by an Official Sworn Translator.

Proof of Photo Identity

At least one required. Expired documents are not accepted.

Proof of Address

At least one required. Must be less than 3 months old and show name and address

Proof of Business

All required (if already registered and/or trading)

 How to obtain certified documents:

UK and EU Residents

Your proof of ID and address documents must be certified by one of the following persons or institutions who is not a friend or relative of the person whose documents are being certified:

Non-EU Residents

We will require your documents to be certified by a Public Notary who may be a Lawyer or Justice-of-Peace.

NOTE: Certification must contain the words "Certified to be true copies of the original seen by me" and clearly show the person's name, address, contact number, profession, signature, date and official stamp.


IMPORTANT: Your service will not be activated until your ID documents are received and accepted. Any mail received will not be released prior to the acceptance of your ID. Should you not provide the required ID documents within 4 weeks of your initial order, the service(s) will be terminated. We send reminder messages to our customers, however, it is your responsibility to provide the required ID documents within the timescale stated above.