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Mail Redirection with SECURE LONDON ADDRESS

Moving home or business? Save yourself from the hassles and protect you and your business against identity fraud with our smart mail redirection service. You don’t have to redirect mail every time you move. And, you don’t have to pay for each different business or last name, like with Royal Mail redirection. Have multiple surnames and business names in one account that saves you time and money.

Our future-proof mail redirection service comes with a secure permanent postal address – a must have for frequent movers and those moving to a temporary accommodation or outside the UK. Never again, you’d have to worry about change of address or post redirection.

Get your mail delivered to one of our prestigious London addresses. We’ll ensure your mail, including packages, follows you wherever you go. Need something extra? Add our popular mail scanning service and read posts on your mobile phone or laptop anytime that suits you best.

Activate your smart, one-time mail redirection service from the comfort of your armchair within minutes.



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The Smartest Way to Redirect Mail

Moving home is exciting. At times, it can be stressful too. It’s not uncommon, when moving, most of us leave mail redirection as the last thing to do. Many even forget completely to redirect mail from the old address to the new one. The downside is, you’d never know what happens to your post delivered at your old address or who gets access to your personal and confidential information.

The cost of delayed or missing post can be detrimental for any business. Besides, with rising identity fraud and online scams, you cannot afford not to protect yourself from criminals. But for those living in temporary accommodation and businesses running from shared offices, it is a stressful task to redirect mail every time they move. It’s a costly affair too.

Our future-proof - one-time solution to mail redirection, known as Smart Mail Redirection not just protects you from identity theft. It, forever removes the hassles of redirecting post and sending out change of address notifications, whenever you move home or business in the future. It gives you a permanent address for you and your business, no matter where you move or do business from – home or abroad.

Here are some reasons for choosing our smart mail redirection alternative over traditional Royal Mail redirection;

Secure and Confidential Postal Address Included

The most important feature of our smart mail redirection service is that it comes with a secure and confidential postal address in London, that you can call your correspondence or business address. This is your address forever. Let everyone know of your smart address. We’ll take care of all your letters and packages, delivered by Royal Mail as well as any other major couriers.

We’ll keep your items safe until you are ready to collect or securely forward to your choice of address, anywhere in the world. You can change your forwarding address as many times as you need. If you require, we can even scan your post and store online securely for you to access anytime from anywhere.

A Must Have for Sharers in Rented Accommodation

Imagine that you live in a short-term rented accommodation and having to move every few months or so. You will have to redirect mail or notify change of address as many times as you move. This not only becomes expensive, you also risk leaving your identity footprint behind for the criminals to use.

With our smart mail redirection, no matter how many times you move home or business premises, you only need to change your address once. You are rest assured that all your letters and packages, and more importantly, your identity are always secure.

For Letters, Packages and Signed For Items

We’ll accept letters, packages and even sign for items, delivered by all major couriers. Upon receipt, we’ll send you an email or SMS notification, so to reassure you that the delivery has been taken care of.

Mail Scanning & Worldwide Mail Forwarding

Curious to know what’s been redirected for you today? Go digital and read your post online. It’ll be there for you to access in couple of hours. Our mail scanning service is one of the most secure online postal services available at present. Tell us where you want your mail to be sent to, and we’ll forward it to any part of the world.

Multiple Business and Surnames Accepted

With Royal Mail redirection, regardless of the number of individuals with different last names in your household, you pay per surname. Also, you can have only one business name per account. If you have more than one surname or business name to redirect mail for, this will seriously bump up your total cost of postal redirection.

We accept post in multiple surnames and business names. Only requirement is that you are one of the owners or directors of the business.

Instant Account Activation

Post office mail redirection can take up to 3 weeks to setup. With our smart mail redirection, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Once set up, give your bank, utility companies and other parties, the smart address we provide you, and ask them to correspond with you at this new address from now.

Notify Change of Address - Once and for Free

Instead of using paid Royal Mail redirection, many of our clients use to notify change of address to banks and other institutions. It’s easy to use. You can notify DVLA, banks, utility companies, local councils and several other organisations through, for free.

If you prefer to do it yourself, most companies allow you to update your postal address online.

Flexible Service Periods

You can setup our smart mail redirection for 3 months to however long you need the service for. There is no limitation. Choose our annual payment option for the cheapest price. We’ll even renew your service automatically until you request otherwise.

How to Setup Smart Mail Redirection

Setting up mail redirection that is future-proof doesn’t take long. In a few simple steps below, you could have a smarter mail redirection, ready for you for the future.

1. Choose your desired redirection address and configure the service that suits your needs.
2. Proceed to checkout and complete the application. It takes just a few minutes. Remember to upload your identity documents to confirm who you are.
3. Visit and set up change of address notification to the banks, DVLA and the companies you deal with. Remember, you can do this by logging on to your accounts with those parties concerned too.
4. That’s it. We will receive your post and process the way you have instructed us.

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