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Buy a personal mailing address in the uk

If you live in shared or temporary accommodation and don’t want your post and packages delivered to your residential address, why not rent a cheap personal mailbox and let us handle your mail for you.

With a personal mailbox, you can have sensitive letters delivered from banks and pension funds etc. without being compromised. At LowCost LetterBox you can be assured of a personal and private service. We will let you know by email or SMS when mail has arrived for you. All you have to do  is collect it from one of our fulfilment centres at a time that is most convenient for you.

Key benefits of Our Personal Mailbox Address Service

Private and Secure Mailing Address

Protect yourself against identity theft and financial fraud with a personal mailbox you can send sensitive mail to.

Mail Notification Service

Our fulfilment centres will inform you when mail has arrived for you. Have it forwarded, scanned to a mobile or collect it yourself.

Packages & Parcels Signed For

We accept mail from all shipping carriers so you’ll never miss a delivery - and we deliver anywhere in the world.

Low-Cost Personal Mailbox

You can buy a personal mailbox for low rates so that you do not have to pay over the odds for the mailing service you need.

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Discount applied on selected plans for 12 months. New customers only

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Buy A Residential Mailing Address In The UK

You don’t have to live in London to rent a residential mailing address in the UK. Our cheap mailbox rental services are ideal for customers who live overseas or elsewhere in the UK but need a residential mailing address in the UK. When you rent a personal mailbox with LowCost LetterBox, you also have the option to request a mail forwarding service. We can send your mail anywhere in the world or scan and store it in a secured server for you to see when you login.

Your personal mailbox can also be used to receive post for up to three named users (friends or family members), all for as little as £8 a month. We offer even more savings with a 40% discount for quarterly and annual payment options.

A personal mailbox with LowCost LetterBox provides multiple solutions without the expense. Get in touch and take advantage of our fully-rounded services today.

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