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Your Smart PO Box Service In London

Rent a Local Mailbox Address in Oxford Circus

It has never been more important to give your clients and customers a consistent and professional experience of your business. If you’re currently home working, an affordable, local business mailbox can help you maintain continuity by being able to communicate a prestigious business address in Oxford Circus.


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This means you can maintain confidentiality of your home location, while we scan and send any of your business correspondence to you, wherever you are, quickly and conveniently. We provide our local mailboxes for either business, or residential use so you have flexible options, whatever your specific requirements.

The smart PO Box service we offer is not a standard PO Box. We provide a physical address in London, similar to your home address, accepted by government agencies, banks and all major couriers. Not only that, we also provide a wide range of supporting services designed to help start-ups and small businesses project a professional image - and all for a price you can afford!

Plans and Pricing

Choose a London address that suits your business or personality and convenience, then select a plan from personal collection to mail scanning and forwarding.


Smart PO Box Service For Start-Ups And Small Businesses

A business mailing address can work wonders for small businesses and start-ups - especially when the PO box address is located in a prime area of London!

We appreciate that access to a mailbox address in London is expensive - which is why we offer low-cost mailbox rental services in central London and surrounding areas.

Whether you need a private postal address or a prestigious PO Box address for your business, LowCost LetterBox provides an affordable and convenient solution.

Taking advantage of our low rates for a PO Box in an expensive area of London is a no-brainer!

The mailbox address, also called a PO Box address, we provide is an actual London address and not a typical PO Box you get from the post office. Our mailbox address service essentially provides you with a fully-fledged mailing address similar to having a virtual office!

Low-Cost PO Box Addresses In London

Our cheap PO Box address services are ideal for entrepreneurs that work from home or want to create a good impression with prospective clients. Of particular interest to you, we’ve got a selection of prestigious business addresses in London for you to choose from including Oxford Circus W1 and Baker Street NW1.


Furthermore, you don’t have to live in London to take advantage of our PO Box address service. You can be anywhere in the UK - or even the world! We can forward post and parcels to every corner of the globe. You can also take advantage of our other services including mail scanning and forwarding, answering the telephone, setting up a company, meeting rooms and more.

Other Services

Other Related Services

Whether you a need company formation, regular telephone answering or ad-hoc meeting room hire, we have them all covered for you at affordable and flexible rates so you can operate your business efficiently at less cost from anywhere, anytime.

  • Company Formation Register a business in the UK within hours with our fast Company Formation service. Registered Office and Director’s Service address provided.

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  • Telephone Answering Have your business calls answered in your company name when you are busy. You can choose which calls to be answered and when by our professional receptionists.

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  • Meeting Rooms Convenient Meeting Rooms with high-speed Wi-Fi, AV and many other facilities. Search and find throughout the UK and book from 1 hour upwards and pay-as-you-use.

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  • Coworking Hot-Desks Book comfortable and convenient Coworking Hot-Desks for a few hours upwards and pay-as-you-use. No lengthy commitments or minimum monthly spend.

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