Fully Compliant for Use as a Registered Office Address in the UK

Authentic PO Box Address in London

In today's digital landscape, establishing credibility is essential for any business. Whether you operate from a home office or a remote location, having a genuine business address in London adds a touch of prestige to your brand.

At Low-Cost Letter-Box, we offer more than just a PO Box – you get an authentic central London street address, bolstering your business's credibility.

Rest assured, our PO Box London address meets all the requirements of recent legislative changes concerning Registered Office Address regulations.

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Cheap PO Box service for registered office in London

Using a PO Box Address as Your Company's Registered Office

Effective March 4th, 2024, traditional post office PO box address can no longer be used as your company's registered office in the UK. The new law requires a physical address that can receive hand-delivered mail with acknowledgment, such as a signature upon delivery.

At LowCost LetterBox, we provide a prestigious London PO Box address that includes a real street name, fully compliant with current UK legislation.

Besides, our PO Box address in London projects a professional image and provides you with a convenient channel to send and receive mail and parcels worldwide at exceptionally affordable prices.

Plans and Pricing

Choose a London address that suits your business or personality and convenience, then select a plan from personal collection to mail scanning and forwarding.


Find a PO Box London Address Near You

Whether for business or personal use, having a PO Box London address nearby saves you time and reduces your carbon footprint by minimizing mail collection trips. For businesses, a local PO Box address can also enhance your presence and appeal to clients within the community.

We offer London PO Box addresses in several convenient locations: Oxford Circus W1, Wimbledon SW20, Streatham SW16, and Ealing W5, all with on-street parking available.

Our Streatham and Ealing centers are open early until late, allowing you to collect your mail at your convenience. Choose the PO Box address that best suits your needs. See our full list of service locations here.

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Benefits of Low-Cost PO Box Address

Benefits of London PO Box Address

  • Complete Street Address: Provides an address similar to your home or business premises.
  • Secure and Confidential: Ensures privacy for your business and personal mail.
  • Accepted by banks, HMRC and Companies House as company registered office
  • Official Acceptance: Recognised by banks, HMRC, and Companies House as a valid company registered office address.
  • Directors Service Address: Protects your home privacy by serving as your official address.
  • Affordable Pricing: Cost-effective solutions for your mailing needs.
  • Package Handling: Accepts and signs for packages and parcels.
  • Mail Scanning and Forwarding: Access your mail on your mobile or PC, with worldwide forwarding available.
  • On-site Meeting Rooms and Workspaces: Available whenever you need them.

A London PO Box Address with Comprehensive Services

We provide our customers with exceptional service, offering more than just a London PO Box address! Enhance your PO Box with our additional services to create a fully-functional virtual office. Our supplementary services include:

  Mail Scanning
  Worldwide Mail Forwarding
  UK Company Formation
  Meeting Rooms
  Telephone Answering Service
  Coworking Desk Spaces

Additionally, we accept and sign for parcels from all major carriers, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, ParcelForce, and Royal Mail. Unlike a standard PO Box from the post office, which only handles mail and packages through Royal Mail, our service provides a comprehensive solution for all your mailing needs.

The comprehensive services provided for the valuable registered office PO Box customers in London.
Secure and Confidential PO Box Address in London for business and personal

Secure and Confidential PO Box Address in London

With several years of experience in providing a PO Box address in London, our promise to you is that we maintain a high level of security and confidentiality. We never reveal your personal details to anyone - unless we are ordered to by UK law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, your mail is not opened by any members of our staff unless you request the mail scanning service and have your mail sent to you digitally.

POBox in London with Post Scanning and Forwarding

When mail arrives for you at your chosen London pobox address location, we will let you know immediately via email and you are free to collect them at a time that most suits you. You can see the full list of opening hours at each of our service centres here.

There are, of course, other options for you to obtain your mail. We can scan your letters and securely store them on our servers for you to download and read on your mobile or PC whenever you wish, or send them to a forwarding address anywhere in the world.

Post Scanning and Mail Forwarding for business and personal customers in London
Get a PO Box Address in London

How to Get a PO Box Address in London

Obtaining an affordable PO Box address in London couldn't be easier! Choose from our range of po box address plans and virtual office services, sign up online and start using your new London po box address within minutes.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us via email, WhatsApp, telephone or chat online.

Frequently Asked Questions - London PO Box Address

1. What is a PO Box address?

Answer: A PO Box address provides you with a secure and private mailing address in London. It can be used for receiving and sending mail, and offers additional services like mail forwarding, scanning, and virtual office options.

2. How does a PO Box address
offered by LowCost LetterBox differ from a post office PO Box?

Answer: LowCost LetterBox provides a PO Box address that is secure, private, and includes a real street address, complying with legal requirements for use as a company registered office. Our service also includes additional features such as mail scanning, forwarding, and package signing. In contrast, a PO Box from Royal Mail can be used to receive mail without disclosing your home or business address, but starting from March 4th, 2024, it cannot be used as a registered office address.

3. Can I use a PO Box address as my company's registered office?

Answer: Yes, our London PO Box addresses meet the requirements of banks, HMRC, and Companies House for a registered office address, allowing you to use them for official business purposes. However, starting from March 4th, 2024, you cannot use a traditional post office PO Box from Royal Mail as a registered office address.

4. Are there any limitations on the types of mail or packages I can receive?

Answer: No, you can receive mail and packages from all major carriers, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, ParcelForce, and Royal Mail. We accept and sign for deliveries on your behalf.

5. Can I access my mail online?

Answer: Yes, we offer mail scanning services that allow you to access your mail online via your mobile or PC. This service includes scanning and forwarding your mail to any location worldwide.

6. What additional services do you offer with the PO Box address?

Answer: In addition to mail handling, we offer UK company formation, meeting rooms, telephone answering services, flexible day office spaces, and coworking desk spaces. These services help you create a fully-functional virtual office.

7. How can I collect my mail?

Answer: You can collect your mail in person from our locations, many of which have extended hours. Alternatively, you can choose our mail forwarding service to have your mail sent to any address you prefer, or opt for our mail scanning service to receive digital copies instantly.

8. Can I use the PO Box address for personal mail?

Answer: Yes, our PO Box address service is suitable for both business and personal use. It provides a secure and private way to receive all types of mail.

9. How do I sign up for a PO Box address?

Answer: Signing up is simple. Click here to view our service plans and pricing, choose your desired PO Box location, and select the services you need. You can complete the registration process online and start using your new address immediately.

10. What are the costs associated with a PO Box address service?

Answer: Our PO Box address services are offered at affordable prices. The cost depends on the range of services you choose. Click here to choose your desired location and service plan for an instant quote.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.