Company Formation Services In London

Register A Limited Company in the UK Within Hours

The Easy Way To Set Up A Limited Company 

Registering a limited company in the UK can be time-consuming and frustrating for busy entrepreneurs. When you have 101 things to do, our experienced professionals shoulder the burden of a limited company set up for you.

Company formation in the UK does not get any simpler than this. 
Our consummate professionals handle all the registration formalities on your behalf, submit an application to Companies House and forward the official documents to you electronically.

You don't even have to live in the UK to 
take advantage of a third-party company registration service in the UK.

Company Formation Services In London

Protect The Privacy Of Your Private Residence

Company Registered Office & Director's Service Address included in all plans

Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan to suit your needs from simple limited company formation to VAT, PAYE registrations and registered office address. Select PRO plan for overseas directors.


Low-Cost Company Formation in the UK

Concerned that using an online third-party UK company formation service is expensive?

Registering a limited company in the UK does not have to be costly. To help protect your budget and privacy of your home, our company formation service plans start from £99.00(ex.vat) including company registered office and directors service address for a year.

Low-Cost Company Formation
Same-Day Company Registration

Same-Day Company Registration in the UK

Tell us your company name and the directors you want to include on the company registration form before 1:00 pm, and we will register your UK business on the same day.

If you haven't already checked the availability of 
your company name, our experienced professionals will do that for you as well!


How to Register A Company in the UK

Registering a limited company with LowCost LetterBox couldn't be easier. All you need to do is tell us the proposed name of your business and the names of the directors you would like to be listed on the official documents together with an address where you can be reached by HMRC.

You can use 
one of our London addresses and avoid your private residence available in the public domain. We even pay the registration fee for you upfront.

Once your company is set up, we will scan your company documents and forward them by email. If you want the original documents posted to you, we can arrange that for a small additional fee to cover the cost of postage.

how to register a company
company formation documents

The documents you will receive from us are:

Certificate of incorporation
Shareholding certificate
Memorandum and articles of association
Company authentication code

Company Formation For UK and Non-UK Residents

Business owners do not have to be residents of the UK to register a private limited company. You can legally use our London address as your registered office. We have prestigious addresses in and around London which creates an attractive first impression for your business!

Furthermore, setting 
up a limited company through us means your private address will not be exposed to the general public online. Your director's service address which is in the public domain will be our own office address. 

For UK and Non-UK Residents
advice on your limited company setup

Choose The Right Company Structure

Registering a limited company in the UK offers business owners certain privileges. You are provided with legal protection to prevent another business from trading with your brand name together with favourable tax advantages.

Our experienced professionals can perform relevant checks and 
offer advice with regard to your limited company setup including your trade name and the most beneficial company formats for your business.
The three 
options are:

Private Limited Company (LTD)

Private limited companies registered in the UK are limited by shares. This means directors and shareholders are not personally responsible for debts owed by the company.

If the company were to go out of business, debts are 
paid for by assets that belong to the company and not the personal assets of its directors and shareholders. The only loss shareholders suffer is the share of the capital they have invested in the company.

Private Limited Company (LTD)
Limited by Guarantee (LBG)

Limited by Guarantee (LBG)

A company limited by guarantee is entitled to the same privileges as a limited company. The only difference is that shares in the company are owned by guarantors (usually a company or private investors) rather than individuals that run the company.

Should the business fall into liquidation, 
the guarantors contribute an agreed amount to pay off any debts owed by the LBG. Non-profit organisations typically structure the company as an LBG.


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited Liability Partnerships are favoured by professionals where two or more parties enter a contractual arrangement to run a business. Typical examples are solicitors, accountants and GPs.

The partners of a firm share 
the profits and pay corporate tax on taxable revenue yielded by the company. However, partners are not personally liable for any debts owed by the company.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Keep Your Residence Private

Keep Your Private Residence Private

Registering a limited company in the UK means directors are obligated to provide a service address where they can receive official correspondence from Companies House and HMRC. Service addresses registered with UK authorities are available online and readily available to the general public.

Our company formation service can also provide you with a bona fide 
registered office address. This is beneficial to directors that prefer to keep the whereabouts of their private residence out of the public domain.

Receive Your Mail on Mobile

As part of our limited company set-up service, we scan the official documents and send them directly to your mobile phone. Providing you supply the relevant information before 1 pm and Companies House does not have a backlog, we can register and send your official document on the same day.

We also register your company with HMRC. All your official 
documents are stored on our secure servers where they can be accessed from any part of the world on your mobile device.

mail forwarding to your mobile device
Fully-Functioning Virtual Office in London

Fully-Functioning Virtual Office

LowCost LetterBox offers limited companies a broader range of business services which you can use in addition to our company registration service. Our virtual office services give you access to a professional telephone answering service with your own dedicated landline number, meeting rooms, and hot desks.

These services enable you to create a positive impression around your business without the expense of paying for your own office.

Trusted Ltd Company Set Up

We set up limited companies in the UK every day. So you can be assured our experienced professionals register your limited company set up correctly. We even provide face-to-face or telephone consultations to explain the process.

For just £10.00 a month, you can use our prestigious London office address as your company-registered office and director's service address without compromising the location of your private residence or informing customers you are a work-from-home business.


We set up limited companies in the UK every day
cost of our company formation services

Genuinely Low Prices

The cost of our company formation services is genuinely low. We believe in transparency and guarantee you there are no hidden charges. The price you pay includes scanning and sending all the official documents to your email address - even for our basic package! Why pay extra for services you don't need?

Register A Limited Company Address in Central London

When you register a company with LowCost LetterBox, you also have the option to use our address in the heart of London as your official registered address.

For as little as £10.00 a month, this gives you the advantage of 
boosting the customer's perception of your company together with convenient access to a fully-functioning trading address and a service address for multiple directors.

Register A Limited Company Address in Central London
Advantages of a Registered Address in London

The Advantages of a Registered Address

Using our London-based address when registering a limited company is advantageous. Directors will not have to reveal the address of their private residence which avoids cold calls and copious amounts of junk mail. It's not unheard of for disgruntled clients to turn up on the doorsteps of company directors.

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