Mail Forwarding Services with UK Mailbox Address

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Mail Forwarding Services with UK Mailbox Address

Mail Forwarding - From UK to Anywhere

Listing your private residence as a business address can be challenging and potentially risky. LowCost LetterBox provides a cost-effective mail forwarding solution that enables you to eliminate the risk no matter where your business is located.

Our global connections make forwarding mail from the UK to anywhere in the world easy for companies, sole traders and freelancers. You can rely on our friendly and professional team to organise your post and send it to you either electronically, physically or both.

Important notice on using a post office PO box as your company's registered office address

Starting March 4th, 2024, UK legislation has implemented significant changes concerning the use of PO boxes for company registered office addresses, prohibiting the use of post office PO boxes. Businesses are now required to maintain a physical address capable of receiving hand-delivered mail with acknowledgment. This regulatory update emphasizes the necessity of complying with UK company law.

At LowCost LetterBox, we offer a perfect alternative through our prestigious London mailbox address and mail forwarding service, ensuring complete adherence to current UK legislation. Our service assists businesses in meeting regulatory requirements while enhancing their professional image and operational efficiency.

Trusted Post Office Mail Forwarding UK

Our highly commended postal forwarding service is trusted by thousands of customers and comes with a prime W1 address in London's Oxford Circus Or South London address in Wimbledon West SW20. Such a prestigious address can project a positive image for your business. 

Trusted Post Office Mail Forwarding

Plans and Pricing

Choose a London address that suits your business or personality and convenience, then select a plan from personal collection to mail scanning and forwarding.

Forward Mailing Services

Forward Mailing Services That Deliver Every Time!

Business owners want to be assured that your UK post office mail forwarding service delivers the goods - in more ways than one! Unlike some address forwarding services in the UK, LowCost Letterbox accept post and packages from all major international couriers.

We will even sign for items that require a signature on your behalf - which is a bonus not all mail forwarding service providers will offer.

Global Mail Forwarding With All Recognised Couriers

Businesses, customers and individuals need a post office mail forwarding service they can rely on. We accept packages from all recognised couriers to ensure you receive all your mail!

We even carefully repackage and forward it 
to the address of your choice - no matter where you are located in the world! You are welcome to take advantage of our global mail forwarding services wherever you are based.

We only use proven couriers including Royal Mail, 
DHL, FedEx and UPS but we can always guarantee your parcels and packages will be shipped.


Global Mail Forwarding
Address Forwarding

Address Forwarding With Tracking Codes

When companies use an address-forwarding partner, you want to be able to keep track of your post and packages.

You may also want to inform your 
customers when they can expect their orders. We send you an email confirmation with a tracking code so you keep tabs on the progress of your delivery.

Our mail forwarding service gives you and 
your customers peace of mind from the moment it leaves our fulfilment centre all the way to the doorstep.

Post Office Mail Forwarding Keeps You Safe

Business owners that use their private residence as their business address could be at risk. Addresses in the public domain are accessible by anyone and can be used in a fraud - or an irate customer could come knocking on your door.

The luxury of having a post office mail forwarding address in the UK for your business means you can keep your residential address private or work from anywhere in the world.

All your mail is delivered to our secure and 
confidential address and forwarded on to you at a location that is not available in the public domain.

Post Office Mail Forwarding
Mail Forwarding Made Simple

Mail Forwarding Made Simple 

We take care of all your incoming posts and forward your mail to your preferred address - anywhere in the world. We typically forward your mail once a week in order to keep costs down. But we can forward your mail urgently as well if you let us know.

We have several fulfilment centres in central London, so if you prefer to collect your post in person you are welcome to collect mail at your own convenience. We love to say hello to our customers whenever we get the opportunity.


Private Forward Mailing Service

Individuals living in shared or temporary accommodation, travelling overseas or moving locations should take advantage of trusted forward mailing services. We help to ensure your most sensitive mail is kept safe and confidential.

Our forward mailing service is available for as little as three months with no obligation to extend the contract unless you need to. Contractual services can be rolled over a month at a time for as long as you need and at your convenience.

Private Forward Mailing Service
Long-Term Mailing Address in London

Long-Term Mailing Address UK

A long-term mailing address in the UK can be advantageous to small business owners, start-ups and freelancers that work from home or overseas. Our 12-month package comes with considerable discounts and offers you a cost-effective solution for forwarding your mail.

If all the mail is being sent to the same outgoing address, you are also free to include multiple members on a single post-forwarding package.

Other Services

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