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Private and Secure Postal Address In London

A fixed postal address gives you a smart and convenient means of managing your mail in a private and secure environment. A PO Box with an actual address can help to elevate your business and enables you to receive personal mail if you live in shared accommodation.

Whether you’re looking for a prestigious postal address in London for your business, or a safe location to receive sensitive mail, LowCost LetterBox provides a fully-rounded service for as little as £8 a month.


Key Benefits

Prestigious Postal Address

Our addresses in central London gives you an actual premium mailing address that projects a credible image for your business.

Private and Secure Post Box

A private postal address gives you peace of mind knowing that your mail is protected against identity theft and financial fraud.

Fulfilment Service

We accept mail from all major shipping carriers and will even sign for your packages, so you never miss a delivery.

Cheap UK Postal Address

Our affordable postal addresses in the UK gives you a fixed address in a prime location no matter where you are in the world!

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Personal and Business Postal Address in London

In today’s world, it’s understandable that people need access to a permanent postal address. Entrepreneurs working from home need to elevate their business with a professional image and people living in shared accommodation need to protect themselves against identity theft.

LowCost LetterBox have several addresses in central London and surrounding areas. Regardless of where you live, our mailbox services provide you with a permanent postal address and an opportunity to manage your post. Together with providing you with a postal address, we can also sign for parcels and forward your mail to you electronically. Alternatively, you can collect your mail from one of our fulfilment centres in London.

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