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LowCost LetterBox, a trading style of Arjant Limited registered in England and Wales (Company No.: 06023630), its associated trading styles and agents ("LCLB") agree to provide mail forwarding, virtual office, serviced office, telecom and other associated services ("the Service") to a person or in the case of a business, persons responsible for the business ("the Customer") for a period of time ("the Term") at the premises ("the Centre ") specified in the Service Agreement (“the Agreement”), subject to the Customer accepting and agreeing the Terms and Conditions set out below;


Mailbox, Virtual Office and Registered Office Service

Meeting Room, Serviced Office and Hot Desk Service

Telecom Service

Associated and Other Services

Permitted Use of Service

The Payment

Service Deposit

Service Availability

Cancellation and Refund

Term and Termination

Liabilities and Indemnities

Proof of Identification

Governing Law

Data Protection Act 1998

Privacy Policy

Website Terms of Use


1) Mailbox, Virtual Office and Registered Office Service

1.1) LCLB will provide You with a mailing address (“Mailbox”) for You to use as a personal and/or business correspondence address at the Centre for which You will pay a registration fee and a monthly subscription fee.

1.2) Whereas a physical mailbox is provided at the Centre, LCLB will provide you with a key (“the Mailbox Key”) to that mailbox for which You will pay a key deposit fee (“the Key Deposit”), refundable on return of the Mailbox Key promptly at the end of the Term.

1.3) Whereas a virtual mailbox is provided at the Centre, LCLB will provide You with a mailing address. No physical mailbox is provided.

1.4) You may use the mailing address provided by LCLB as the Registered Office Address of your business at Companies House, provided that You comply with Companies House requirements and provide LCLB with all statutory information including full names and residential addresses of all directors.

1.5) LCLB will receive on Your behalf all pre-paid mail addressed to Your Mailbox and where a physical mailbox is provided, will deposit the same in Your physical mailbox and where a virtual mailbox is provided, will keep the mail safe for Your collection or forward to Your nominated address.

1.6) LCLB will receive on Your behalf items of special, registered or recorded delivery mail provided that, if You refuse to accept any such item, You will pay any costs or fees associated with its refusal or return.

1.7) LCLB will receive on Your behalf items requiring cash on delivery, subject to You making advance arrangements for their receipt and payment by LCLB to the satisfaction of LCLB.

1.8) LCLB will, upon request by You or in the case of a Virtual Office Address and Registered Office Address service, forward items of mail at Your own risk to an address nominated by You at periodic intervals requested by You. You agree to reimburse LCLB, all postage and packaging costs associated with this service in addition to a handling fee levied by LCLB.

1.9) LCLB will, upon request by You, scan and send items of mail by email or fax at Your own risk to an email address or fax number nominated by You. You agree to pay a handling fee and a transmission fee for this service levied by LCLB.

1.10) LCLB may in its absolute discretion refuse to accept delivery of or forward or scan and send any item for any reason, including, without limitation, that there is;

1.10.1) no or insufficient prepaid postage; or

1.10.2) any payment outstanding; or

1.10.3) in LCLB’s opinion, delivery, forward or scan & send of the item is in breach of Condition 5; or

1.10.4) You are using the Service for the delivery, forward or scan & send of unreasonably large items of mail or an unreasonable volume of items of mail; or

1.10.5) any item received is addressed to an individual or business name not listed as a mailing name within the Agreement; or

1.10.6) the Service is being used for the storage or delivery of items of value.

1.11) If You use the Service address within any advertising undertaken via third parties including but not limited to printed or online directories, search engine portals or on Your own or any other websites, Payment will be required to cover the entire advertising period for which the Mailing Address is displayed.

1.12) You agree to collect the mail within 72 hours of delivery notification and upon collection of such items, agree to sign LCLB record book as proof of delivery. A Package Holding Fee may be levied on uncollected items at LCLB’s sole discretion.

1.13) If You fail to remove any item within one month of notification, You authorize LCLB in its absolute discretion, to destroy such items or to forward them to You at Your last known address or to return to the sender without further notice at Your own risk and expense.

1.14) If You lose the Mailbox Key to the Physical Mailbox or fails to return it to LCLB on termination of this Agreement, You will forfeit the Key Deposit referred to in 1.2 above.

1.15) You agree to notify LCLB immediately if the Mailbox Key is lost or stolen. LCLB does not provide a duplicate key to its physical mailboxes. Upon notification, You authorize LCLB to replace the lock to the Physical Mailbox and agree to pay a Key Replacement Fee.;

1.16) Any person having possession of Your Mailbox Key is deemed to be authorized by You and LCLB will not be bound to enquire into the authority of such a person. LCLB will not be liable for any loss or damage arising in the event that the Mailbox Key is in the possession of an unauthorized person.

1.17) You may, subject to availability, request LCLB to upgrade the Physical Mailbox size or the Service during the term by making additional Payment for the remainder of the term.

1.18) You may, subject to availability, downgrade the Physical Mailbox size or the Service only at the service renewal date.

1.19) Large items of mail (items larger than 15cmx15cmx15cm or 1kg) received addressed to You will be subject to a handling fee.

1.20) LCLB may at its sole discretion, amend the acceptable parcel size and weight requirements without prior notice to You.

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2) Meeting Room, Serviced Office and Hot Desk Service

2.1) LCLB will provide You with a meeting room, hot desk or serviced office facility at the Centre for You to access during the date and time specified at the time of booking for which You will pay a service fee.

2.2) LCLB will not give You legal estate, lease, tenancy or legal agreement and solely allow You, the right to share the use of the facility on the dates specified. All accommodation remains the property of LCLB.

2.3) LCLB will notify You of the details of the booking and the facility prior to the start date.

2.4) LCLB will notify You in advance, as a courtesy, of any testing, repair or other works to be carried out unless there is an emergency.

2.5) You, when in and around the building, agree to take care and respect all equipment, fixtures and fittings and comply with all health and safety and fire regulations.

2.6) You agree to be responsible for any damage caused by You, Your employees or any other person that You have invited into the Centre.

2.7) You agree not to transfer this Agreement or any rights to any person. This Agreement is personal to You and is not capable of being transferred or passed on to anyone else.

2.8) You must not use the LCLB Centre address for any post, parcels or deliveries.

2.9) Payment for the service should be made in full at least 7 days prior to the time and date booked.

2.10) Insurance:

2.10.1) We will not insure any furniture, equipment or goods that You bring into the Centre. Any furniture, equipment or goods brought into the Centre is at Your sole risk and You should maintain Your own contents insurance for this.

2.10.2) You must also obtain and maintain adequate insurance to cover: liabilities to Your employees liabilities to third parties.

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3) Telecom Service

3.1) LCLB will provide You with a virtual landline telephone number for the Term specified.

3.2) Whereas a call forwarding service is required, LCLB will automatically divert all calls from Your virtual landline number to another telephone number provided by You.

3.3) Whereas a call answering service is required by You, LCLB will handle the calls on Your behalf based on the information provided by You and accept and forward any message taken via email.;

3.4) You agree to pay for all call forwarding and handling charges determined by LCLB at its sole discretion. You agree to maintain sufficient call deposit account balance at all times to cover the charges.

3.5) LCLB will notify You in writing at least 30 days in advance of any price increase.

3.6) LCLB may in its absolute discretion refuse to accept calls or forward messages for any reason, including, without limitation, that there is;

3.6.1) Any payment outstanding; or

3.6.2) Abusive or anti-social behavior by the caller; or

3.6.3) The Service is used for unreasonably high volume of calls.

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4) Associated and Other Services

4.1) LCLB will provide You with specific services (“Customized Service”) tailored to Your requirements or refer You to a third party.

4.2) Whereas a Customized Service is provided, LCLB will provide the Service as agreed to You for the agreed Term. You agree to pay for the Service in full in advance or at agreed intervals specified by LCLB.

4.3) Whereas LCLB refers You to a third party, LCLB will solely act as an introducer and any agreement made between You and the third party is Your absolute responsibility and LCLB will not be a party to the agreement. LCLB may receive a fee from the third party for introducing You, agreed between LCLB and the third party.

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5) Permitted Use of Service

5.1) You agree not to use the Service for any purpose which in LCLB’s considered opinion may be deemed to be illegal, immoral, dangerous, offensive or anti-social and will not carry out any hazardous act or carry on any hazardous trade at the Centre and if it does so it acknowledge that LCLB may report the same to any relevant authority.

5.2) You agree not to send or deliver or permit to be sent or delivered to the Centre any illegal, defamatory, obscene, dangerous or bulky object or material.

5.3) You agree not to do anything which causes or threatens to cause any nuisance, annoyance, damage, disturbance, inconvenience or injury to LCLB or any other occupier of the Centre's accommodation.

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6) The Payment

6.1) Unless specified otherwise, the Payment for the Service is payable in full in advance.

6.2) Whereas You agree to automatic service renewal, You agree that sufficient cleared balance is made available to Your payment method for the Payment to be processed by the due date.;

6.3) If the Payment becomes uncollectable or You fail to make the Payment by the due date, LCLB may suspend the Service to You until the Payment is made in full and in addition, may charge You a late payment fee (“Late Payment Fee”). Any mail item received for You after the expiry of the existing Term may, at LCLB’s absolute discretion, be retained for up to 30 days pending Payment.

6.4) If any Payment or other sums are outstanding to LCLB, LCLB shall have a lien over all uncollected items until such Payments are duly made.

6.5) If any Payment falls due by more than 30 days, LCLB will terminate the Service to You and start proceedings to recover the outstanding balance. LCLB will add the costs incurred with recovery proceedings to Your outstanding balance.

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7) Service Deposit

7.1) You agree to LCLB taking and holding a service deposit (“the Deposit Account”) of an amount determined by LCLB and authorize LCLB to charge all costs and fees associated with mail forwarding postage and packaging, package handling and providing any other additional services to the Deposit Account.

7.2) You agree to maintain adequate balance at all times to cover all future costs.

7.3) Upon termination of the service, subject to no outstanding payments from You, LCLB will return any money unused to You.

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8) Service Availability

8.1) If the Service availability becomes disrupted or terminated at your service Centre, LCLB will notify You immediately by giving as much notice as practicably possible and offer to transfer the Service to an alternative Centre closer to Your existing Centre.

8.2) If You refuse to accept the transfer offer, LCLB will terminate the Agreement and refund fees paid for the unused period of the Agreement. Upon termination, You agree not to hold LCLB liable for any losses or damages arising from this.

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9) Cancellation and Refund

9.1) All service cancellation requests must be given in writing.

9.2) Whereas You have subscribed to mailbox, virtual office or registered office service via online, You may cancel the order and receive a full refund provided that You have not used the Service and requested cancellation within 24 hours of the purchase transaction. Cancellation requests up to 14 days after this point, provided that You have not used the service will incur a cancellation fee of £25 to cover administration costs. No refund is due for cancellations after 14 days.

9.3) No refund is due for cancellation of meeting room, hot desk and serviced office bookings, if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the Service time and date or for no show. In all other occasions, full refund is given.

9.4) No refund is due for cancellation of customized services.

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10) Term and Termination

10.1) Whereas You subscribe to mailbox, virtual office, registered office or telecom service, minimum service period will be 3 months.

10.2) The Service will be considered live and operational once LCLB has confirmed the Service purchase. The Term will commence at this time regardless of Your identity verification.

10.3) LCLB may postpone the commencement of the Term subject to receiving written request from You within 7 days of the Service purchase date.

10.4) The Service will be renewed automatically at the end of each Term for the same period subscribed by You until You request termination of the Service in writing at least 14 days prior to the expiry of the Term.

10.5) Subject to LCLB receiving written notice of termination from You at least 14 days in advance, the Agreement will cease on the last day of the current Term.

10.6) You may terminate the Service at any time. Except for clause 8.2, there will be no refunds for early termination of the Service by You.

10.7) Upon termination, You agree to cease immediately, the use of LCLB’s property address for and including but not limited to receiving mail and promoting Your business on business stationaries, websites, Google location services and statutory registrations.

10.8) LCLB may terminate the Service immediately if, at any time, You breach any of these Terms and Conditions. The will be no refund due to You.

10.9) LCLB will, in its absolute discretion, refuse to accept further delivery of mail on Your behalf or handover to the relevant authority. You, following termination hereby authorizes LCLB at LCLB’s absolute discretion either to retain, destroy, return to the sender or return to the last known address of You, any items of mail addressed to You or any items held at the Centre which are the property of You, at Your own risk and expense.

10.10) On termination of meeting room, serviced office and hot desk services, You will be notified in writing and required to vacate the premises immediately.

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11) Liabilities and Indemnities

11.1) You will indemnify LCLB against any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings incurred by LCLB arising from the use of the Service by You, except to the extent that the same is caused by the negligence of LCLB.

11.2) LCLB has no knowledge of the value of any item of mail and will not accept notification of value. The liability of LCLB in respect of any damage or loss is limited to £10 for each claim and in aggregate shall not exceed the amount of the Payment in any Term.

11.3) LCLB shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, including loss of profit, nor for any liabilities, costs, claims, demands or expenses arising from any event beyond its control including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, delay or mis-delivery on the part of Royal Mail or any other carrier.

11.4) In the case of meeting room, serviced office and hot desk services

11.5) LCLB will not be liable for any additional costs or expenses that You may incur or for any loss of business, loss of profits, loss or damage to data, information or records or any third party claims or other consequential loss, including loss as a result of Force Majeure. It is Your responsibility to take out own insurance against such risks.

11.6) LCLB will not be liable for any loss, damage, expense or claim of any kind relating to any other facilities goods or services which You may at any time agree to purchase or hire directly from LCLB or for any failure in relation to any such facilities or services.

11.7) Neither LCLB nor anyone employed by Arjant Limited will be liable for any loss to You or any other person (including consequential economic loss) for any damage to furniture, equipment or goods in the Centre whether or not the loss or damage is due to any act or omission, negligence or wilful default by LCLB or by You or by any other person. Any other representations, conditions, warranties and other terms whether written or oral, express or implied statutory or otherwise which are or may be inconsistent with this condition are expressly excluded.

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12) Proof of Identification

12.1) In compliance with Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (as updated from time to time) and London Local Authorities Act 2007 (Section 75), LCLB will verify the identity of You and Your business. This may include capturing and storing photos and checking your personal details against electronic and other databases (public or otherwise). You must provide, prior to using the Service:

12.2) the full name, address and telephone number of all persons for whom mail is to be received, held, forwarded or scanned and the reason for the service request;

12.3) in the case of a business, details of the business for which mail is to be received, held, forwarded or scanned, full names and addresses of all directors or owners and statutory status documents. A business can be defined as an activity involving the sale of goods and/or services;

12.4) Original forms of identification for all persons and businesses, of a type approved by LCLB, including a “proof of photo identity” and a “proof of address”. LCLB may disclose this information if requested by an appropriate authority for the purpose of fraud and crime prevention or if required for the pursuit of legal action;

12.5) LCLB is obliged to maintain accurate and current details of You as required by the relevant UK authorities. These requirements may change from time to time. You will promptly advise any change in details and provide all information reasonably requested and accept that mail and packages may be withheld and/or inspected at LCLB’s discretion, pending investigation of information provided.

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13) Governing Law

13.1) The rights and obligations of LCLB and You under this Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. You may not assign any of its rights or benefits hereunder. These Terms and Conditions shall prevail notwithstanding any conflict with the terms and conditions of any order or contract submitted by You in respect of the Service or any other services provided by LCLB.

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14) Data Protection Act 1998

14.1) The information gathered from You may also be used to verify identity. That information will be held securely on our systems. It will only be passed to other group companies of ours and our and their trading partners for use exclusively in connection with the provision of services. It will not be passed to any other party without your express permission, unless we are required to do so by law or regulation. We will store the information and our verification thereof in accordance with relevant legislation after which it will be destroyed. The Act confers rights of access to certain information we hold. Details are available on request. In addition, this information may be used for the prevention or detection of offences for fraud prevention purposes. We may share any information we collect with the crime prevention agencies to assist with their investigations and/or enquiries as well as other public or private sector agencies or representative bodies complying with legislation and in accordance with relevant statutory and regulatory obligations.

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15) Privacy Policy

15.1) LowCost LetterBox and its associated trading styles recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. When you contact us we may need to collect personal data from you and use your personal details, for example your name and email address, to deal with your query or sales enquiry. We use your personal details only to send you the information you have requested from our company or to contact you with information and services offered by our company and its partners that we think may be of interest to you. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties. Your continued use of this site signifies your assent to this Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence, please notify us in writing. Click here for full details of our privacy policy.

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16) Website Terms of Use

16.1) The materials provided within this Web site are intended for informational purposes only. They are not meant to encompass LCLB in its entirety, but rather to provide a snapshot of the company and its services. All content, graphics, design, database programming and functionality contained within are copyright of LCLB. No information on this site may be used or reproduced without express written permission of LCLB. Any violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

16.2) Although LCLB makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this site, we cannot guarantee that all information contained herein is error-free and updated. To the extent permitted by law, LCLB shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from misuse of this site or from outdated information received from this site or any that it accesses.

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