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I recently took the time to form this info-graphic from recent data shared via the Office for National Statistics. I hope you enjoy reading this info-graphic and feel free to share it.
Updated for: 02/11/2017

We have decided to put together an info-graphic, made up of collated statistics from the Office for National Statistics. The report is formed from facts and figures of different studies and surveys concerning the UK labour force from 2008 – 2017.

The virtual office can be a place of great benefit to those who are unable to make use of a physical office addresses.

Although services can vary the virtual office is usually aimed at the young entrepreneur, a startup or simply a freelancer who needs an office address for business use.

Remote workers can make use of virtual office services and as home-working is on the rise, now has never been a better time to sign-up.


If you would like to use this info-graphic, please contact,

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