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The pandemic has brought about an unprecedented transformation of working culture throughout the world. The UK hasn’t been immune to this change.

One of the ways in which the pandemic influenced work culture is through the countrywide adoption of remote working. The latest statistics show that most employees want to continue working from home. In contrast, only 8% want to work in the office. 

However, adopting remote working models can be financially advantageous to businesses. With fewer employees congregating in the office at the same time, businesses have the opportunity to downsize and save money. This gives you an injection of cash you can pump into other areas of your business.

While the shift to this new reality seems quite seamless, there is one thing that businesses are losing as they take their work home—an official office address.

What is a Registered Office Address?

Any limited company in the UK must register their business with Companies House. The registration helps to legitimise a UK business and provides HMRC with a physical location to which they can forward your tax correspondence to.

A registered address also helps to give weight to a company’s authenticity and credibility. The general perception is that companies logged with Companies House are a real business, above-board and honest.

A company that operates from a physical location not only uses the building address to receive correspondence but also serves as a physical location that helps customers pinpoint your location on a map or check out whether you are an actual business on Google Earth. 

In that case, a rented registered address for your office can serve as your official address of correspondence and improve your public image. Virtual offices are an ideal solution for work-from-home start-ups to reduce overheads whilst appearing like an established business. 

Is it a Requirement to Have a Registered Address for my Company?

Not all businesses need to register with Companies House. For example, if you’re a sole trader or a partnership you do not have to register an official office address.

The following types of businesses, however, are legally obliged to have a registered address:

  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • LTD (Limited Company)

What documents will I need to rent an office address?

The process of setting up a rental office address is simple. For a hassle-free experience, you can keep the following documents ready before proceeding with your application and payment.

  • Photo proof: Accepted documents generally include passports, national ID cards, valid student cards, driving licenses, and employment ID cards. 
  • Proof of address: You can submit your utility bill, bank and mortgage statements, valid insurance certificate, student’s proof of accommodation, and council tax bill.
  • Proof of business: If you are not a sole trader, you will have to submit the required documents like the current trading address of your business and certificate of incorporation. 

You can usually send in your documents via email, post, or in person. You can even upload the documents online via the companies house website.


According to Companies House, there are 2.8 million active companies in the UK. The impressive number also implies that cut-throat competition characterises the UK business world. Taking measures to give you an edge over competitors can help to foster survival and facilitate business growth. 

Having a registered office address or a virtual office in London can help you project a degree of professionalism and distinction, individuals that have a home-based business can keep your residential address private.  For more details, contact a member of our experienced team today. We can even register your company with Companies House on your behalf for a hassle-free experience.

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