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A London address can do wonders for a business. And affording one is much more cost-effective than you might imagine. And no, you don’t have to buy business property in London. You just rent a PO Box in London.

We’re not talking about a PO Box that you get from the post office – you know the ones that make it obvious the address is a PO Box! We’re talking about a real office address where you can have your mail sent to and forwarded on to you – regardless of where you are based around the globe. You can even hire office space by the hour and hold meetings with your clients in our London offices.

If you want your business to create a good impression without having to foot the hefty costs of owning a business location in London, a virtual office address is an ideal solution.

Addressed to Impress

Businessman taking business card

An actual business address makes your business appear professional and credible. A PO Box in London will earn you even more kudos with potential clients.

First impressions go beyond initial talks, they are the foundation stone of how a person perceives your company.

A London address creates the impression of a thriving and successful business. Your business could be thriving anywhere in the world but for all intents and purposes, a PO Box address suggests you are based in London.

And this is a key factor for many of today’s entrepreneurs and sole traders. Whether you work from a home office or travel and work online for a living, a PO Box in London can establish you as a credible business.

Premium PO Box in London

Having a PO Box in London is one thing, but a business address in central London is another lever that notches up a client’s impression of your business.

Image plays a major part in the business world, and central London is a hub with masses of influence. Why settle for any old virtual address in London when you can get a premium address in the centre.

We have fulfilment centres in Oxford Circus and Baker Street – a W1 postcode that has the X-factor to give your business an A1 image!

You can see all our London Centre locations here. And the address you see on our website is the address that will appear on your business card, stationery and website.

Google Map Pin

Tablet with map on screen and red pin isolated

For businesses to flourish these days, you have to be online. And without a physical business address, Google, or search engine users do not trust you are an authentic business.

To really take advantage of search engines, you need to be leveraging your credibility in Google My Business. One of the key ingredients that enables you to stand out and make an impression on Google Maps is an address with a pin in it.

A PO Box in London not only enables you to create a good impression for your business, you also have a personal mailing assistant. And we can reach you in any part of the world!

LowCost LetterBox is a fulfilment centre with plush office space – so we can handle all your mail and provide you with office space whenever you need to entertain your guests in person.

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