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During the Covid-19 pandemic, there are far more of us working from home and if you have a small business, or even a larger one, you may have decided to work from a home office, or benefit from the many flexible workspace opportunities available.

In these situations, it’s very easy to default to using your home address across your website and your social media accounts, but could this decision be ultimately costing you business and new clients?

In the current climate of businesses closing in high numbers, as a direct result of the Covid crisis, people making business decisions are naturally doing more research into the businesses they trust to partner with.

Many of these searches involve a scan of the postcode, to take a look at where the business is located.

So quite literally, with Google Street View, you have a prospective client looking through your front window into your home and up and down your street!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this is not good for business, on some occasions, you can actually see home occupants in the windows or in the garden – not exactly a very professional look.

If this due diligence is present, and only going to increase in the future, as decision makers want to grasp a better understanding of who they are choosing to do business with, surely it makes sense to box off a suitable and appropriate business address?

A London business mailbox is a smart move for many businesses.

Firstly, London is the major hub of business and industry in the UK, so your address in this location, shows that you have good connections to the city, where may of your prospective clients are likely to be located.

But more than that is the address itself. A premium address in the right location, associates your brand as being prestigious and projects exactly the right image for your business.

With a London PO box, your business can direct mail to this new address, which can be set up as your legal trading address. The service includes the scanning and forwarding of mail to wherever you are, either within, or outside the UK.

You can imagine that when a prospective client now searches for your office address on Street View, the result is far more impressive than them looking at your domestic dwelling.

A London Virtual Office, is another popular alternative, where you have greater admin support to help you run your business, through to enhanced services like a virtual receptionist, representing your business and taking calls professionally in your business name.

In the current times, businesses have to pay more attention to their brand and the message that they are portraying to potential clients.

Although working from a home office has seen a massive increase in recent months, with businesses cancelling longer term office rents in favour of home-based addresses, it’s important not to compromise on the brand message an address creates.

The additional good news, is that the cost of a London business mailbox, or a London virtual office is extremely good value with some extremely attractive offers currently available.

If you think your business could benefit from a London business mailbox or London virtual office, click here to find out more and get in touch.

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