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The coronavirus crisis may have been a distraction for many, but more than half a million bright sparks in the UK saw an opportunity to start a business. 

The Centre for Entrepreneurs recorded a whopping 575,882 start-ups register in 2020.

Work-from-home businesses can be difficult to grow though. You’re mostly reliant on online platforms – most of which work in your favour if you have a physical business address. Hello Google My Business

Virtual offices have proven to be a fruitful fallback option. They give back bedroom businesses a physical address to send and receive posts and meet clients whilst minimising the cost of maintaining a dedicated office space.

Whilst virtual offices nationwide provide businesses with multiple benefits, virtual offices in London can leverage your business more than anywhere in the UK. 

As a matter of fact, there are few locations in the world that can leverage your business better than a virtual office in London.

But why a virtual office in London?

London is an established financial hub. Its reputation as a commercial heavyweight is so huge that people flutter their eyelids at businesses with offices in England’s capital.

One mention of ‘your London office’ and people immediately prick up their ears and pay attention. London is synonymous with success and success is synonymous with businesses that know what they’re doing.

In other words, a London-based business leverages that trusty trust factor. 

However, there is one slight snag. 


According to Oktra, office rentals in central London are through the roof. If you’re a start-up or in the process of growing a small business, your heart falls to the floor when you get quoted figures of between £65-95 per sq. ft for Grade A properties and £55-£65 per sq. ft for Grade B.


So you can see why it makes sense to take advantage of a virtual office address in London without such high costs?

So what do you get?

Premium virtual office addresses in London

For a nominal fee, you have access to a premium business address in central London.

How does a W1 postcode in Mayfair or Oxford Circus sound?

You can use a virtual office address on your website, letterheads, marketing material, invoices and legal documents etc. We can even register your business with Company House using your postal address as a certified business address.

It’s perfectly legal to do that.

Also, if you do need to meet clients, partners or potential investors in person, we have fully-equipped meeting rooms and private offices that you can rent out by the hour on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

We can even put signs up with your business name and logo to create the impression that you are based in the office full-time. 

In addition, we can provide 24-hour call handling services and manage your mail for you. If you don’t live in London, we can send your mail straight to your smartphone. 

Essentially, a virtual office in London gives you all the benefits of a fully-functional office for a cost that enables you to grow. 

That’s why a virtual office in London makes perfect business sense for start-ups and growing businesses. 

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