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We’re inviting you to share your business stories with us!

Due to the nature of our business we work closely with young startups and small businesses from the day to day.

We thought it would be interesting to hear your business stories and give you the chance to promote your business from our platform.

Doing interviews is a great way to promote yourself and by answering our questions we in turn can provide you with a valuable link back to your website.

As part of our new blog series we are interviewing small business and startup owners!

How does it work?

E-mail us at

or contact me directly via Facebook.

Answer the following five interview questions in any way you like.

Provide a photo of yourself and any other photos owned by you that relate to your business.

We will link to your business from our site and promote the interview on social media.

It won’t cost you anything!

If you would like to be part of the series please don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s a great way to promote your business!

The Questions

  1. Please introduce yourself and your business.
  2. Why did you start your business?
  3. What is your background as an entrepreneur?
  4. What is the most difficult part of running your business?
  5. What would you like to achieve in the near and distant future?

We hope you have fun answering the questions and we can’t wait to hear your responses!

All the best,




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