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Get A PO Box With London Street Address

Whether you’re looking for a prestigious postal address for your business or live in shared/temporary accommodation and need a secure residential address to receive your mail, our range of PO Box services provide the ideal solution.

For as little as £8 a month, you can get a PO Box address in London and take advantage of our mail forwarding service. We also have a wide range of other low-cost services that provide maximum value.


Key Features of our PO Box Services

Prestigious Mailing Address

Project your professional image and impress clients with an actual premium mailing address for your business - not an obvious PO Box.

Private and Secure PO Box

Protect yourself against identity theft and financial fraud and keep your sensitive mail safe.

Complete Mailing Service

We send and accept mail from every shipping carrier and will sign for your mail so you never miss a delivery.

Universal Low-Cost PO Box

No matter where you are in the world, if you need a PO Box in the UK for a cheap price, we’ve got you covered!

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Discount applied on selected plans for 12 months. New customers only

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Personal and Business PO Box Addresses

A PO Box with a prestigious mailing address in London helps to give your business a credible image. We have several addresses in London you can choose from including Oxford Circus, W1 and Baker Street, NW1. A PO Box in London is the most affordable way to give your business a boost.

Customers can also use our PO Box service for personal use. If you live in shared accommodation, changing addresses or live overseas and need a secure mailing address in the UK, take advantage of our fulfilment centres and we will manage your mail for you.

When you rent a PO Box with LowCost LetterBox, we inform you by email, text or a messenger app when mail has arrived for you. Our PO Box services also give you the option to take advantage of our mail forwarding service, either by physically sending your parcels or scanning your post and sending it electronically.

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