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There are many reasons for a business to choose a business mailbox or a virtual office, but what makes Wimbledon such a popular choice for these services?

We all know Wimbledon for its obvious tennis association as the world famous championships are an incredibly popular event attracting the gaze of the world’s media every year.

But Wimbledon is also a thriving business centre and being close to the centre of London with an excellent reputation and perception in business, all powerful associations for your brand, whether you’re an existing and trading business or a start-up.

A business mailbox in Wimbledon gives your business kudos and credibility, setting your trading address in Wimbledon positions your business in a professional light to your prospective clients and customers.

What kind of mailbox service is best for your business? Well, there are many considerations as to the type of business mailbox you will choose.

If you are within a reasonable distance to Wimbledon, then a ‘Collect’ plan would be the cheapest option for you and your business.

Collect means that your mail is securely stored and then you can collect at your own convenience, At LowCost LetterBox, we handle thousands or items of post every week, so the team are very well versed in maintaining strict codes of security and privacy.

A Collect Business Mailbox in Wimbledon means that you can promote your Wimbledon business address wherever you like, giving your clients and suppliers that essential first impression.

Seeing that your business is based in Wimbledon is a very positive association that positions your business as being established and professional, whatever your business sector.

It’s also possible to have a personal mailbox in Wimbledon. With a personal mailbox, you can collect your mail and parcels as you wish. It’s a great idea if you wish to maintain highest levels of personal privacy and you will be notified by email if there is mail to be collected.

A ‘Forward’ mailbox  plan is a mailbox service, where rather than you collecting your mail, our team will forward, by post, your mail or parcels to wherever you choose.

All your forwarding is carried out swiftly and professionally, so your mail is expedited to you with the minimum of fuss or involvement on your side.

Our Forward mailbox service in Wimbledon is one of our most popular plans and represents great value for any small business, or even to larger business requirements.

Our team at LowCost LetterBox take care to forward your mail accurately and speedily, so you can open and reply to your mail from wherever you are.

Lastly, our ‘Scan’ package gives the greatest flexibility as we open & scan your mail and store in our secured servers so you are able to access and respond to any of your correspondence quickly and easily.

Our scanning is very high quality so you can easily read and digest your mail, and view it on your PC, mobile or tablet wherever you are in the world.

If you’re the kind of business owner who’s always on the move, then our Scan mailbox service in Wimbledon will be a very good choice for you.

If you want to further augment your business perception and communications with customers, then a Wimbledon Virtual Office may be the ideal solution.

A Wimbledon Virtual Office means that you have the additional benefit of call handling with a live receptionist taking your calls, exactly as if it’s your business. It makes for an excellent perception and first response to clients, without you having to be there at all.

Wimbledon is the best of all worlds for your business. A thriving community with great business connections and the association of a global sporting institution.

When this is backed up with a professional service providing Wimbledon Mailboxes and Virtual Office services, it’s a very strong choice for any business.  

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