Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

In today’s connected world, it makes good business sense for entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups to reduce the costs of running a business and rent a virtual office or serviced office. 

Virtual offices provide a solution for thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers in the UK. The primary reason for the shift to a serviced office is because they dramatically reduce the cost of running a small business.

Significantly Reduce Monthly Overheads

The most obvious saving is the significant amount you save on monthly overheads you pay for renting private commercial space. Hefty rental payments can be an excessive burden on small business budgets and prevent you from investing in other areas of your business. 

What’s more, some virtual office providers also offer serviced offices and flexible co-working spaces which are furnished and kitted out with all the technologies you would typically expect in a fully-functioning office including printers, photocopiers, broadband internet and A/V hardware for giving presentations. Therefore, start-up do not have to invest in technological hardware.

Eliminate Running and Maintenance Costs

Maintenance and utility costs in rented office space can be costly – especially old buildings that are not energy-efficient and require multiple repairs. When you rent a virtual office, you get a physical address without any of the hefty costs involved with renting and maintaining a physical building.

Serviced offices include minimal charges for electricity, plumbing, appliances and depreciation of the building in the package price. Because these charges are typically shared by everyone, the amount you pay as a small business is far less than a commercial building. And the charge is built into the monthly rental fee, there are no surprise costs that have not been accounted for. 

Call Answering and Forwarding Service

Low-Cost Letterbox provides an optional call answering and forwarding service. You will be given a dedicated landline number and save a significant amount of money by not having to pay your own employee a salary. The average pay for a receptionist in the UK is £7.92. Our fees range from £8 a month to £45 a month depending on which package you choose.  

Our professional receptionist will field your calls, answer basic questions and take messages under your business name. As far as the caller is concerned, they are speaking with a member of your staff, giving the appearance that you have your own receptionist – but for a fraction of the cost. 

Attract More Customers 

When you rent a virtual office with LowCost Letterbox, you have the privilege of showcasing a prestigious address in central London – which you can use on your website and other marketing materials. 

A prestigious address in central London projects a positive impression on your business and could help you secure more clients. It will almost certainly improve your SEO visibility because Google ranks local businesses with a physical location higher in their search listings. 

Renting a virtual office address is the smart way for small businesses to cut the costs of running a business – and enables you to invest more of your budget into growing your company and boosting your bottom line. 

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Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Chelliah Nakeeran is the Founder and Managing Director of LowCost LetterBox. He writes articles on virtual office and address sector.

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