Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

It is estimated that 50% of the UK workforce will have the opportunity to work remotely next year. 

The rising trend of remote working has also ushered in an era of virtual office space. Virtual offices enable companies to be more flexible – but more importantly, save a significant amount of time and money. 

Whilst cheap virtual offices typically offer the most value to start-ups, small business and home-based businesses, in today’s commercial landscape that is not necessarily the case. 

Mediums-sized businesses and large businesses are also starting to take advantage of the cost-cutting solutions virtual offices provide. Businesses that want to give employees more freedom to work from wherever they want also recognize the benefit of renting virtual office space. 

Slash Office Overheads

Renting virtual office space enables businesses of all sizes to significantly reduce the cost of running your business from commercial office space. In London the cost of office rentals is extortionate and with fewer staff in the office at any one time, businesses have the opportunity to down-size. 

The average cost of renting office space in the West End was £112.50 per square foot in 2019 – the highest in Europe. With two prestigious locations in central London, Low-Cost Letterbox can provide you with a cheap virtual office address that is far more cost-effective. 

When you rent a virtual office address, there is no requirement for you to invest in the range of technologies typically associated with a fully-functioning office. We have printers, photocopiers, scanners, A/V equipment and high-speed internet. 

Reduce the Cost of Maintenance and Utilities

When you rent virtual office space, there are no additional maintenance fees to worry about. Minimal maintenance costs are incorporated into the monthly fee so you can easily manage your accounts without the risk of being burdened with unforeseen costs.
You also eliminate utility bills and save a significant amount on electricity and heating. For business start-ups that do not have a lot of capital, cheap virtual offices enable you to protect your budget and use it on other areas of your business. 

Mail Handling and Forwarding 

Low-Cost Letterbox also provides a mail handling and forwarding service that saves you a significant amount of time and money having to employ full-time staff to manage your business post. 

Even when you rent a cheap virtual office package with Low-Cost Letterbox, you can have access to the mailing address of our service center which gives you a prestigious address in central London.

Phone Answering and Forwarding Services

Virtual offices typically offer a telephone answering and forwarding service that is operated by a professional receptionist. At Low-Cost Letterbox, you are given a dedicated landline which is answered under your business name. 

Our receptionist will divert calls to your mobile phone – together with caller ID if you prefer. When you are not able to take a call, the receptionist will take a message and notify you by email. Our staff is very polite and helpful and will even answer basic questions about your business. 

With the rising costs of running a business, it’s no surprise to find virtual offices are one of the fastest-growing trends in the business world today. The cheap virtual offices offered by LowCost Letterbox are even more friendly on your pocket.

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Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Chelliah Nakeeran is the Founder and Managing Director of LowCost LetterBox. He writes articles on virtual office and address sector.

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