Author: Marcus Fitzpatrick

Companies House is implementing significant changes with an unprecedented decision: an adjustment of their fees, marking the first such increase in a considerable period. This decision stems from Companies House’s comprehensive annual review, revealing a substantial upward revision across most fee categories.

Effective May 1st, 2024, businesses should prepare for an uptick in filing expenses. The impending surge in costs, some of which surpass doubling, surpasses standard inflationary trends. Companies House justifies this adjustment through their adherence to a ‘cost recovery basis’ principle.

This principle ensures that fees align closely with the expenses incurred in delivering services, without undue surplus. The primary expenses driving this adjustment stem from the substantial data processing requirements.

In terms of specific figures, nearly every fee outlined by Companies House is set to increase. Notable adjustments include:

  • The dissolution fee for companies (voluntary strike off) will rise significantly from £8/£10 to £33.
  • Incorporation costs, representing the birth of a company, will experience a substantial increase, shifting from a £12 online fee to £50.
  • Perhaps the most notable adjustment pertains to the online filing of confirmation statements, which will see a jump from £13 to £34.

These adjustments only scratch the surface of the impending changes. With the new fee structure set to take effect on May 1st, 2024, businesses can anticipate a widespread impact from these fee hikes. Prepare accordingly for the upcoming changes.

For further information on all of the fee hikes, please visit the Government website:

If you are in the process of starting up your own business as a limited company, you may want to consider registering before 30th April, and LowCost LetterBox can help with same day registration. But don’t leave it till the last minute as we expect a surge in company formation before the rates go up.

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