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Virtual Office In London - A Low-Cost Office Alternative

Starting up a new business and looking to rent an office space in London?  Consider a virtual office instead. A virtual office in London is undoubtedly the cheapest alternative to renting an office space whilst giving you all the benefits of a traditional physical office.

According to Forbes magazine, London is the second most expensive city in the world for office space. Nowadays, its hard to even find a virtual office in London for under £100 a month. Well, you have found one.

Whether you need a cheap business address in London to place on your business cards, websites, bank account, etc. or a complete virtual office in London with telephone answering services, meeting rooms and short term private offices just when you need; we have them all ready for you. Our London virtual office services provide low-cost solutions, allowing you to bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank.

Base your virtual office in the most prestigious west-end (W1) part of London (City of Westminster) for as low as £1.00 a day. You’ll be pleased that our services come packed with many features and benefits to get you going at a fraction of London’s office rent and overhead costs.

Rent a low-cost virtual office in London today and trade from anywhere in the world. Let us handle your business mail, calls and other office administrative works.

Key features and benefits of our Virtual Office Services

Sign up online now and start using your London virtual office in minutes. If you’d like to learn more about our virtual office services, scroll down to read more.

Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.


Prestigious Central London Address for 1 business name

  • Trading
  • Registered Office
  • Directors Service Address

  • Packages & Signed For items accepted
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Mail forwarded worldwide




Prestigious Central London Address for 2 business names

  • Trading
  • Registered Office
  • Directors Service Address

  • Packages & Signed For items accepted
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Mail forwarded worldwide
  • Mail scanned and emailed



Prestigious Central London Address for 4 business names

  • Trading
  • Registered Office
  • Directors Service Address

  • Packages & Signed For items accepted
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Mail forwarded worldwide
  • Mail scanned and emailed

  • Telephone landline with call forwarding service
  • 2 Hrs Meeting Room Usage every month


Who needs a Virtual Office In London?

Your business may be dependent on London based clients or you may need a prestigious London business address to make the first impression. Perhaps, you currently operate overseas and just need a London office for your clients in the UK and Europe.

If you can do business from a remote location; a bedroom or even another country, then a London virtual office is a perfect fit for you. You'll have a sought-after London business address for as low as a pound a day. You don’t even need to step in to the office – just work from wherever you are. Sign up for a year to get your business visible on Google maps.

We take care of all your post and caller inquiries whilst you focus on building your business.

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Why use a London Virtual Office Service?

London’s sky-high office rent and other business overhead costs mean many start-ups and small businesses fail within first year due to cash flow problems. Using modern technologies, most start-ups and small firms could do without having a physical office. All you need is a mobile phone with internet connection. Operate from your bedroom, a client's site or even another country.

However, a physical office address on your website hugely enhances your business’s credibility. Clients would feel comfortable doing business with you. They'd know where to come if something isn't right.

With our low-cost London virtual office service, you have the best of both - a physical office address to impress clients and virtual office services to significantly reduce business overheads. You are destined to drive your business into profitability sooner than you anticipated.

Worldwide mail forwarding is standard with our low-cost virtual office services. Our instant mail scanning and emailing service is extremely popular with overseas and always-on-the-move clients.

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How do I write my Virtual Office London Address?

Your virtual office London address will look like;

My Business Limited

95 Mortimer Street



Place it on your business cards, websites, etc. or tell your clients that your office is in Oxford Circus, London - next to BBC Headquarters or off Regents street.

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Prestigious London Virtual Office Address

Your new office address awaits in London's fashionable West-End. Just 3 minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus tube station, it is situated at one of London's most desirable postcodes, W1. Check the exact location on Google Maps now.

London’s famous landmarks; Regents street, Harley street, Langham Hotel, Berkeley Square and Mayfair district are all within touching distance from our office.

Want to impress your clients? Where better can you place your business?

A London Trading, Registered Office and Directors Service Address

Write our address on your business cards and websites, and give your business a professional image from day one. We will accept your business banking letters as well as all correspondences from your clients and associates.

If your business is a UK limited company or to be incorporated as a LTD, you must provide a UK address to Companies House for registration. Companies House and HMRC will contact the business at this address for statutory notifications. They will also send notifications to the directors service address. Both your company's and director's service addresses can be obtained freely by anyone to check your business credentials.

Worried about your privacy at home? Use your new virtual office address as your company’s registered office. Use it as your director's service address too. It's all FREE. No one would know where the directors live, or you work from.

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Same-Day Company Formation

Want to setup your business as a limited company and not sure how to proceed? Let our experts assist you with same-day company formation. We'll do everything from checking availability of your proposed company name to forwarding your newly incorporated company documents. We'll even pay the registration fee to Companies House on your behalf.

Our office address will become your company’s registered office and director’s service address for FREE, so you can keep your home address completely private.

Once registered, we will send you an email with all your company registration details. You just simply start trading the same-day. If you prefer, we will forward printed documents by post too.

Mail Forwarding and Scanning to Email

You are more than welcome to pop in and collect your mail – we’d love to see you. But if that’s not convenient, as part of the virtual office package you get worldwide mail forwarding included. We’ll also happily scan your mail and email it to you the same day.

We charge for your mail forwarding postage stamps at cost price. This is taken out of your service deposit. We do not add any surcharge like other service providers. To keep your postage expenses low and save you money, we even collate your mail and forward them once a week. If you prefer a more frequent or occasional forwarding, we are happy to organise it for you.

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Packages and Signed-For Items Accepted

It's true, we are the only virtual office service provider in London’s West-End to accept parcels on clients’ behalf. We will accept packages and parcels from all major couriers and sign for if necessary on your behalf. We’ll keep them safe ready for your instruction.

You can receive parcels up to 10kgs or roughly the size of a computer printer box. You will pay a small handling fee for packages larger than 1kg. This will come out of your service deposit balance.

Your Business Calls Answered

Add a London (020) landline phone number with telephone answering service to your virtual office in London from just £8+VAT per month. Our professional receptionists will answer calls in your business name as if they work for you. They will even screen calls and let you answer the important ones.  Messages are taken from callers and sent via email. You choose when to listen to your messages at your leisure.

If you’d rather handle all calls yourself, we’ll setup call forwarding to your preferred number; home or abroad. The caller won't know where you answer from, or whether you use a mobile. But you can see the caller's id.

Remember, you can set up your own greetings and voicemail messages to personalise your business telephony service.

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Meeting Rooms, Hot Desks and Private Offices

Using a virtual office doesn’t mean you have to work from another location or have no access to our office facilities. it’s all about using a physical office as and when you need and keeping overheads low. You are more than welcome to use our meeting rooms, private offices or even a hot desk space whenever you need them.

With our low-cost meeting rooms, you have the comfort and prestige of a W1 London location, and all the comforts you need to make your business associate feel valued.

If you usually work from home and just want to break the monotony from time to time, or require a base for when you’re in London or the UK, our serviced offices are a no brainer. For low cost, you have all the convenience of a central London office base, equipped with everything you need to do business.

Our meeting rooms and private offices come with real human contact, dedicated receptionists, free Wi-Fi, Audio-Visual, printing, scanning, conference call facilities and complimentary refreshments. Some of the greatest bars and restaurants in the world are just around the corner from you– all ready to access after a hard day’s work.

Forget coffee shop meetings for now. Greet your clients professionally in your own office floor. There’s no long-term commitment necessary – you can hire for an hour, one day, week or a month. With our saver membership cards, you could save up to 80% on these facilities.

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Genuine Low Pricing

Of course, cost is a key factor in choosing your virtual office service provider. You need to have flexibility too. Your business may require professional support at times. Only the experts in the field can offer you the right level of support when needed.

Our virtual office services are priced at genuinely low prices with no hidden charges. If you need just an address to place on your business stationeries and website, go with our Virtual Office Lite package for just £29 per month (+VAT). We’ll scan and email all offical letters from Companies House and HMRC as they arrive and forward the originals completely free of charge. You don’t even have to pay for postage.

We’d charge you the cost of postage stamp for all other busness mail forwarding – no additional fee at all. Other that this, only a handling fee of either £2.50 or £5.00 (per medium or large package respectively) for receiving packages larger than 1kg is charged to your service deposit balance.

Flexible Contracts

Want to test the waters first? Subscribe to our virtual office service for as little as 3 months and let us know just 14 days in advance not to renew. We’ll cancel your auto-renewal setup and terminate your service without any hassle.

Need the service for a longer period? Choose 12-months option and save as much as 25% instantly.

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Is Low Cost Virtual Office Right for You?

With so many virtual office service providers in London, choosing the right provider at the right location to suit your business’s needs is the first hurdle of your business ambition.

Knowing what it takes to build a business, we don’t believe in providing just a low-cost virtual office address for our clients. We become part of your business administration team – that deals with business post, reception and anything else that you may require at times.

Our professional and friendly staff are always there to attend to your business requirements swiftly. Whatever they are, we go the extra mile to help you run your business smoothly. We are your virtual staff in your London office.

With our online ID verification system, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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