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Looking for a PO box address in the UK for business or private use?

We offer smart London post box addresses to a post office box, at low rates. Our POboxes come with complete street address with mail scanning and forwarding options, enabling you to read your post on mobile, tablet or PC, within minutes of delivery.

You’ll find our PO box address services give you more features than you’d hoped for. Our address will look exactly the same as a physical home or business address as shown below;

Post Office PO Box Address LowCost LetterBox PO Box Address
Your Company Limited
PO Box 123
Your Company Limited
95 Mortimer Street


Our PO box services are highly secure and confidential – your personal details are never revealed to third parties, unless required by UK law enforcement agencies. And, you can receive post for multiple users and businesses.

Unlike a post office Post box, which only accepts posts and packages delivered by Royal Mail, we will accept and even sign for items delivered by all major carriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, ParcelForce and of course; Royal Mail. You do not have to worry about missed deliveries.

We’ll notify you via email or SMS when something arrives for you. You can collect your post at a time that suits you, or we’ll forward them worldwide to any address of your choice. Need a post urgently? Just let us know and we’ll scan and store on our secure servers for you to read online from anywhere in the world.

Conveniently located, our centres are open early till late, 7 days a week. Central London addresses include Oxford Circus, W1 and Baker Street, NW1.

A business PO box can easily be combined with meeting rooms, telephone answering, flexible office space and many other in-house services, providing you a complete virtual office.

Choose from a range of mailbox and virtual office service packages below. Signup online and start using your new PO box address within minutes.

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