Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

A virtual office is a cost-effective way to add legitimacy and credibility to your online business. When you rent a virtual office, you are given a physical address without the heavy burden of paying for a physical office. 

The decision for online business owners to rent a virtual office is a no-brainer. But with so many service providers offering virtual office services, it can be difficult knowing which deal is best for your business. 

Here are a few tips.

What Other Services Are Included?

Some online businesses require more than a physical address and a PO Box. Fortunately, virtual office service packages include a range of other services that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. 

Typical add-ons include telephone and answering services that are managed by a professional receptionist. Should you need to hire a meeting room, the receptionist will also be there to meet and greet your clients and provide refreshments. 


The purpose of renting a virtual office is to give you more flexibility – so ideally you want a virtual office service contract that allows you to be flexible.  Does the provider have a range of packages that enable you to scale up or down? 

Ideally you need a provider that works the same hours as your clients. For example, if you are a digital nomad or travel to different time zones a lot for your job, you will probably rely on your virtual office provider to field your calls, take messages and manage your post. 

LowCost LetterBox offer cheap virtual office services that enable you to manage your phone calls and mail from anywhere in the world. We can record telephone messages for you and send them by email if you are not available to take the call in real-time. 

Your mail is scanned and forwarded to your mobile phone. All your mail is stored on secure servers that are only accessible by you. Unless you want mail sending on to you, we dispose of the originals. We even sign for parcels on your behalf.

Business Address

One of the key advantages of renting a virtual office is to obtain a cheap business address. Because physical addresses are included in the standard virtual office service packages, it makes sense to choose a provider that has a prestigious address. 

Low-Cost LetterBox has serviced offices in central London with a W1 postcode. Given London is the most expensive city to rent office space, having a cheap virtual office address to advertise on your website and marketing materials creates a good impression – without the hefty costs of owning or renting a physical address.

Value for Money

Renting virtual offices is cost-effective, but that does not always mean you get good value for money with every service provider. Compare prices and investigate which providers offer the most benefits in their packages. 

The key thing to remember here is to ensure you will receive all the virtual office services you need to competently run a business. You also want to ensure the provider runs a professional operation you can trust to create a good impression for your business. 

There are a lot of providers that advertise cheap virtual office space but have hidden charges you are not expecting. Make sure the advertised packages are the price you pay. LowCost LetterBox do not have any hidden charges. 

Finding the right virtual office for your business is important so make sure you conduct thorough research and consider which virtual office services you most need.

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Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Chelliah Nakeeran is the Founder and Managing Director of LowCost LetterBox. He writes articles on virtual office and address sector.

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