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In today’s modern world of emails, communication apps and digital tools with chat rooms, you might wonder why anyone would need a PO box address. Surely they are a thing of the past, right? 

That’s not actually the case. Despite the proliferation of digital communication channels, businesses still rely on the delivery of paper mail and packages in many cases. In the last year alone, the Royal Mail Group delivered around 9.5 billion letters!

If this sounds like you, consider renting an affordable PO box in London. It may have several benefits you are missing out on.

Who Should Get A PO Box in Central London?

A PO Box in with a physical address in central London is beneficial for anyone that falls into one of the following categories:

  • You need to receive post and parcels but do not have a permanent address
  • You are moving residence and need a temporary mailing address
  • Your house or complex doesn’t have a secure mailbox service
  • You work from home and want to receive mail at a place that is not your residential address
  • You are a business owner and want a mailing address you can advertise in the public space, but to demonstrate your authenticity, want a company address with a physical location rather than a PO Box address you are given through Royal Mail
  • You are travelling abroad and want a mailing address to receive both personal and business mail.

According to a study conducted by Citizens Advice, around 4.7 million individuals in the last decade have missed employment opportunities and court appointments because they did not have a fixed mailing address. In addition, 3 million have suffered financial loss.

What are the Advantages of Renting a PO box?

Renting a PO box has several advantages:

1. Better image for business: 

A mailing address in central London helps to project a positive image of your company. Only successful businesses can afford to rent offices in central London and successful companies deliver premium goods and services.

2. Privacy: 

Directors that want to keep their private residential address private can register their business with Companies House using a virtual office mailing address.

3. Good solution for a non-sedentary lifestyle:

Renting a PO box ensures that all the important stuff gets delivered to a safe address even when you’re not in the country. 

4. Security: 

It’s been reported that a series of roadside postbox thefts have resulted in the permanent loss of important documents. Renting mailboxes ensures that all your letters and paper mail are safe and ready for you to collect whenever you like.

How Much Does Renting a PO Box Cost in the UK?

The cost depends on a number of factors. In the UK, the average cost to rent a mailing address is between £10 and £25 a month. Low-Cost Letterbox goes one better and offers mailing addresses in central London for as little as £8 a month. For more information, contact us now and set up a personal or business mailing address in central London today.

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