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Renting a virtual office can help start-ups, small businesses and digital nomads grow much quicker than by using traditional methods. 

When you’re first starting up your own business, you naturally have to cut costs as much as possible. In the digital age, that can actually work wonders for start-ups, freelancers and sole traders. 

Yet some professionals are still faced with the age-old catch 22 of your professional image. Customers are more inclined to steer towards established firms that have experience and a good reputation. 

Unfortunately, the marketplace views start-ups as inexperienced. But if you can’t get clients you can’t get the experience and thus struggle to build a reputation. Therein lies the catch-22. 

Moreover, if you’re not making enough money to build your business, you’ll always be a struggling start-up. Sometimes small businesses need to look bigger. 

Rent a Virtual Office in Central London

A virtual office provides you with a physical address that you can use as a registered address for your business. You can even use a virtual address to register your business with Companies House and use it as your director’s address. 

This naturally gives you a professional image and makes a small business look bigger despite working out of your garage or spare bedroom. 

Whilst there is nothing wrong with running your business from home it doesn’t project an image that imbues people with confidence. You may keep your running costs down, but it takes a long time for your revenues to pick up. 

Let’s not forget that the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google all started in a garage, basement to bedroom.

We’ve touched on why a virtual mailbox address is more advantageous for businesses than a PO Box in this article. A virtual mailbox in central London takes the advantages up a notch. A physical address in Oxford Circus has the prestige that earns trust and respect. 

Trust and respect bring in business regardless of your experience. 

Virtual Office Packages 

Low-Cost Letterbox helps you effectively build your business by offering a wider range of services wrapped in a virtual office package. 

Standard services include scanning and forwarding your mail to a mobile phone and a telephone answering service. Both of these services mean you can work from anywhere but make it appear to potential clients that you are operating from central London. 

Our telephone answering service even gives you a private hotline which is answered by a professional receptionist using your company name. We will forward the call immediately which gives you the option to take the call in real-time. 

Alternatively, we can take a message from the caller and let you know by email. This type of virtual office service clearly makes a small business look bigger. 

What’s more, if you arrange a meeting with a potential client to discuss a big contract, we have private offices and meeting rooms you can rent out by the hour. This pay-as-you-go solution gives you access to physical office space whilst giving you full control over your budget.  With a virtual office, it is possible for small businesses to look bigger. And that helps you to grow.

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