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Registered Office Address Service in London W1

Boost your business profile with a prestigious London registered office. Ready in minutes, a sought-after central London address (Oxford Circus, W1) to place on your website as your company’s registered office address. Use our low-cost registered office address service, packed with great features and benefits, for as low as £1.15 per week.

Key features and benefits of our Registered Office London Address

Get your company registered today or move your current registered office address to our prestigious London office in minutes.

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  • Same-day company formation with digital documents

  • Registered office address for your business

  • HMRC & Companies House letters accepted

  • Free same-day mail scanning to email


  • Same-day company formation with printed documents

  • Registered office and directors service address for your business

  • HMRC & Companies House letters accepted

  • Free same-day mail scanning to email


  • Same-day company formation with printed documents

  • Trading, Registered office and directors service address for your busin

  • All business letters and packages accepted

  • Statutory letters scanned to email the same day. Others forwarded world

What is a Registered Office Address?

A registered office address is the official correspondence address of a company, incorporated in the UK. It’s also known as the registered office of a UK company. HMRCCompanies House and other UK Government offices will only use this address to communicate with the company.

You do not have to trade from your registered office address. As long as you have access to your statutory mail sent to your registered office, you can trade from anywhere - your home, another office or even another country.

If you have a website for your business, you are required by law to display the registered office address on your company website.

Your low-cost registered office address in London will look like;

Your Company Limited

95 Mortimer Street



At Low-cost Letterbox, we ensure your official letters are received safely, scanned and emailed to you the same day. We will even forward the originals by post to anywhere in the world.

With our low-cost registered office address service, you need not worry about losing an important official letter again.

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Why do I need a Registered Office Address?

If you’re setting up a limited company in the UK, it is a legal requirement that you have a registered office address within the UK for your business, so that official letters and notices from HMRC and Companies House can be served.

When registering your business at Companies House, you will be required to provide two addresses; the company’s registered office address and the directors service address. Official letters are sent to both addresses.

Your company registered office and directors service address will be freely available to anyone via online sources such as Companies House register, etc.

Use our central London office address for both your company registered office and directors service address from as low as £1.15 per week. We’ll even register your company the same day for FREE.

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Where should my Company's Registered Office be?

Companies incorporated in England & Wales should have their registered office in England & Wales only. If your company has been formed in Scotland (SC) or Northern Ireland (NI), you are required to have your registered office in the same country as where they are registered.

Our registered office address service in London can only be used with companies incorporated or to be formed in England & Wales. You can use the same address as your directors service address and keep all official mail delivered to one place.

Your company’s registered office doesn’t have to be your usual trading place. For example, you could have your company’s registered office in London, but trade from an office or warehouse in Oxford or even the United States.

We provide registered office service at very low price for existing companies as well as new businesses. Call us, if you require a registered office address in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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Can I use my Home Address as my Company Registered Office Address?

You can use your home address as your company’s registered office and directors service address, but that would mean it falls into the public domain. Literally millions of people; your potential customers and creditors to mention a few, would have access to it.

Avoid your home address being a public knowledge. It is highly recommended that you use a virtual registered office address instead. Doing so can secure your privacy.

For a few pennies a day, you can use our London office address as your company’s registered office and directors service address, thus keeping your home completely private. And, we will even take care of incorporating your company from start to finish – all within the same day.

Why compromise privacy of your home?

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Can I use a PO Box as my Company Registered Office Address?

A company registered office address must be a physical address in the UK. The address must have a building number, street name, town name and postcode. Companies House will not accept a PO box address without a building number and street name as your company registered office address.

A typical company registered office address should look like;

My Company Limited

95 Mortimer Street



A mailbox address (also known as a PO box address) like this is also acceptable. 

My Company Limited

Suite 12

95 Mortimer Street



However, a PO box address supplied by Royal Mail (see example below) cannot be used.

My Company Limited

PO Box 12345



Companies House is strict about your registered office address being a physical one because, if necessary, official notices can be served upon your company by hand or via recorded post.

At Low-cost Letterbox, our staff are always there to accept post on your behalf. And remember, we will scan your post and emailed to you the same day. You will not fall behind on acting immediately.

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What is a Director's Service Address?

A UK limited company must have at least one director. The address where Companies House and HMRC can deliver official letters to the director is known as the director’s service address.

Like a company’s registered office address, directors service address details are also available publicly on Companies House online register and many other commercial information websites. To protect privacy, directors usually do not wish to use their home address.

Want to protect your home privacy or need a UK address for your overseas director? Select Registered Office Lite or Pro service package which includes directors service address for unlimited directors.

We will accept all official letters addressed to your company directors, scan and email them the same day for their immediate attention. And, you don't have to miss another deadline and face penalties.

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Why should I use Low-Cost Registered Office Address Service?

We offer a prestigious London W1 registered office address service to start-ups and small companies at incredibly low price. Over the years, we have helped several new businesses set up limited companies and partnerships in the UK.

Our professional and friendly approach to customer care means a lot to our clients who come from many parts of the world. We treat our clients as individuals – you get dedicated attention to suit your specific business requirements.

If you need more than a low-cost registered office address, we’ve got them all ready for you. Same-day company formations, complete virtual offices, telephone answering services, hot desks & serviced offices, meeting rooms, you name it. When it comes to helping you run the business, we have the best solutions at the lowest prices.

Let’s tell you about some of the key features and benefits of our registered office address service.

Location, Location, Location

Set your business at the right location in London and impress your clients from the outset. Home to many fashion labels, hedge funds, bars and restaurants, London’s west end address has never been cheap. We made it affordable to everyone with a virtual registered office address service. Why look elsewhere?

Genuine low pricing – no hidden charges

Our registered office address service costs you as low as £1.15 per week.

With all your official letters from HMRC and Companies House scanned to your email address and forwarded within the UK, completely free of charge, there’s no reason for you to pay a penny extra. You’d only pay the cost of postage stamps if we are to forward post outside the UK.

And, there’s absolutely no hidden charges.

FREE Same-day Company Formations – including £12 Companies House filing fee

Want to set up your business neatly from the start and feel that you could do with a bit of professional help? With our registered office address service packages, we’ll get your company incorporated the same-day at no additional cost to you. We’ll even pay the £12 companies House filing fee from our pockets.

Only caveat is how quick Companies House could turn around their work load.

For UK and non-UK Residents

Our registered office services are suitable for both UK and non-UK residents. There is no restriction as to where the directors live.  However, for companies with non-UK resident directors, we recommend Registered Office Plus or Pro package to include directors address service as this would boost client confidence in the company.

With us, you can have as many director’s service addresses as you need for the company. There is no additional fee to pay.

Statutory Post from HMRC and Companies House Accepted

Whether delivered by hand, via recorded or standard post, we’ll accept all official letters addressed to your company and the directors and send them to you by email.

Complete Trading Address

If you’d like us to accept other business letters from banks, clients and your business associates, select our Registered Office Pro package or one of our virtual office service packages. 

Same-day Scanning and Emailing

For ultra-fast delivery, we will scan and email all official letters as they arrive at our office. Also, we’ll forward the originals to your given address, anywhere in the world.

So, you don't have to lose an important letter again or pay penalties for late filing.

Protect Your Privacy at Home

Companies House online register and other commercial business information websites will list your company and its directors’ address for public access. Don’t like your home address being displayed on websites?

Use our low-cost registered office and directors service address to keep your home address away from public. So, for a formal, HMRC registered company address, with as many, or as few, bells and whistles as you'd like,

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